Murcia Tourism website renews its apperance

In Visualtis we renovated the website of Tourism murcia to make it more dynamic, more intuitive, easier to handle and to download the application to smarthphones and tablets.

In the words of tourism councilor Miguel Cascales, “is more dynamic, more intuitive, easy to handle and with the ability to download applications smarthphones and tablets”
Among the major improvements of the new page design is customizable to different formats of devices such as PCs, mobile phones and tablets of different screens, incorporating the new standard HTML5 to improve the website experience.
It also offers the possibility that the visitor accesses the Virtual Office, which simulates the entrance to the Tourist Office, where you can download all the brochures available to the Department and additional information.

Option Plan your trip allows visitors to arrange a visit to the city in advance as entering information of arrival and departure, as well as why you are interested, the website shows a summary of the activities available, accommodation, routes and monuments to visit so that they can plan their days in Murcia in advance.

Two other major developments are mobile applications that can be downloaded from AppStore (Apple) and GoogleStore (Android), which contains a directory of services and tourist routes to follow; while from the smartphone camera and GPS support, a monument that has front and the application displays relevant information about that property is photographed.