Visualtis: Makes me Digital.

The UPCT, through the Cloud Incubator, is collaborating in the European project Makes Me Digital, which tries to detect the most important training needs in digital skills and design training courses aimed at them.

As part of the project, work tables have been held in which Visualtis has been present, as well as other companies, trainers and potential receivers of the courses. The tables were held at the Technical School of Telecommunications Engineers of the UPCT, in Cartagena, on April 12 and 16.

Visualtis as a company, aware of the specific needs of its sector, has provided advice on the way in which training should be delivered to be useful and interfere as little as possible with the operations of the company, specifically on the subject of Management of software projects, continuous integration and cloud computing (training oriented in this case to ICT professionals).

The project also includes the provision of two pilot courses, which will be given free of charge, with priority to participate those entities or people who have collaborated in the project.