Platform for indoor objects / devices / tags location


Weloc + is a platform for locating indoor assets that evolves to provide affordable solutions to the problem of locating people and goods in the environment of organizations, mainly SMEs.

For companies there is a factor that is fundamental in all cases, regardless of the volume of business they represent. We discussed the importance of maintaining control of your assets and managing the business by managing accurate information in real time.

Undoubtedly a challenge that historically has required the investment of a significant volume of resources, both human and technical, to achieve effective results, to which it must be added that currently no indoor positioning technology solves all cases of use.

To solve this and cover all possible use cases, Visualtis, a reference in RTLS (Real Time Location System) solutions, launches WELOC +, a solution that unites the best of the available indoor positioning technologies, such as Bluetooh Low Emission (BLE ), Ultra Wideband (UWB) and WiFi – RTT.

WELOC + is based on servers in the cloud (Cloud Computing), implemented with Open Source tools (Open Source), incorporates techniques of Automatic Learning (Machine Learning), and is prepared to use mobile devices, sensors and wearables in search of a higher productivity.

WELOC + is adaptable to different activity sectors, and especially to the industrial, logistics, distribution, health and tourism sectors.

Project developed thanks to the support and co-financing of: