On Friday the 31st of last May we were lucky to enjoy the working day in a different way and with a different purpose to serve our customers and their needs … this is: devote a little time to meet our own needs as a team, and as people … spend a day in a pleasant environment, and why not accompany it with good food and drink.

The day consisted of a visit to the Casa Rojo winery in Jumilla, where we were perfectly attended by both the team of coaches, who proposed some pretty fun team activities, as well as the hosts in the winery who gave us food and drink as authentic kings, without neglecting everything they taught us about wine, its preparation and tasting.

In Visualtis we are aware of how important it is to take care of the “health” of the team, as well as to favor the relationships among its members and make them feel part of it. We believe in this firmly and that is how we try to be a strong team capable of achieving great goals. We will continue working on it.