ITEA is a program that provides support to R&D initiatives conducted by companies in the systems and services area where software is a vital part. ITEA promotes projects in the heart of an international community  composed by big and sme companies, universities, research entities and other organizations.

In Visualtis we are pleased to recieve this ackowledgement that supports and will allow us to develop R&D tasks in two main fields:

Proximity Services Framework (ProSe). Its objective is to design an intensive software system to support the development, deployment and implementation of proximity services, apps that allow users to interact in an intuitive way with their surrounding environment (i.e an hotel, a train station, a gym).

Optimised Industrial IoT and Distributed Control Platform for Manufacturing and Material Handling (OPTIMUM). Addressing the improvement of distributed control aspects, IoT technologies adaptation to industrial needs, improvement in control and applications through context and localization, as well as design apps and 3D engineering and supervision.