Visualtis demonstrates its innovative spirit after 12 years in the ICT sector by introducing WEEW, its cloud platform that provides customized applications for mobile devices for organizing and managing events.

From our beginnings, Visualtis has highlighted our vocation to undertake something different in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT, betting strongly on research and development, and systems based on open source). And it has been around these Open Source solutions where we had the first opportunities that required a high R & D component and specialization and which accounted for the support we needed in Visualtis.

Now, with all this experience accumulated, Visualtis launched a new product, WEEW (, which allows custom applications and a cloud platform for event management.

Aimed at organizers of congresses, fairs and public events, WEEW has been conceived as the technological ally of companies, associations, federations, chambers of commerce, universities and event agencies for the management, monitoring and use of business opportunities.

In WEEW design we have made special focus on 3 features:

1. It is easy to use and does not require to be expert in computer science or design
2. Get the personalized app (both iOS and Android platform) for our event in minutes, and be available right away in the app stores so that they can download it on demand
3. Make it affordable and available to organizations of any size, a mobile marketing platform that includes everything necessary to successfully manage the event and until recently only large organizations could afford it.

In an increasingly competitive world, we have thought that WEEW should help companies get to know their customers, users and consumers by collecting information from attendees at their events to develop the business relationship during and after it.

WEEW also allows you to highlight the message you want to convey, personalizing communication through apps that allow you to keep in touch with the participants at all times and distinguish yourself from the competition.

And we can not forget, that in a world increasingly concerned about productivity, WEEW is an effective assistant to centralize a platform in the cloud everything that is needed in a simple way to use.

As expected, WEEW has come to keep our entrepreneurial character alive in Visualtis: we have always understood that innovation was an indispensable foundation within our strategic growth plan.

And now more than ever from Visualtis we face the future with the vision to simplify the computer solutions that we offer so that our clients monetize their investment in software, and to be recognized as providers of software solutions specialized in data visualization.