The objective of the CAST project is the promotion and support for the creation, development and growth of companies related to sustainable tourism.

To this end, an international network of incubators and accelerators will be created, especially aimed at SMEs and emerging companies in the cultural and creative industries with developments that can be applied to tourism. In this context, Visualtis has participated in the “EBN Congress 2019” which was held in Rome on October 23, 24 and 25 and where new companies, entrepreneurs and researchers met.

The purpose is to create synergies with other companies and also investors to try (in our case) to promote our Wiimoo product, focused as you know tourism and smart accommodation.

The CAST project is co-financed with European funds, through the program for the Competitiveness of Companies and for Small and Medium Enterprises (COSME), which supports the access of SMEs to financing and their internationalization so that they are more competitive and improve their environment economic.