We have recently participated in the forum hosted by the CEIMM in which success stories were shared in investment agreements in technological startups.
Murcia-BAN, gathered around a round table representatives of all the agents involved in an investment pact in technological startups, to show how it is an investment experience through the protagonists involved in this type of agreements. From Visualtis, as pioneer intra-entrepreneurs that we are, we did not want to miss that appointment to transmit our experience as an accelerator of projects from which we have given the technological and financial support necessary to turn the projects of various startups into reality.

In his speech, our CEO Angel Torrecillas, stressed that a company arising from a startup goes through different stages that require different types of investment, “being a mistake to apply the same type of investment to a startup by default, without appreciating in what phase”. He also warned attendees that “If investing is entertaining, if you’re having fun, you’re probably not making money. Good investments are boring.”

We hope to continue working in this line and helping other startups to materialize their projects.[:]