A few months ago, the team Visualtis proud celebrated its 10th anniversary this summer… and go on vacation with a new recognition in the suitcase: the stamp of “Innovative SME”.

The stamp, issued by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, notes the innovative nature of the company, which has dedicated a firm and consistent effort in their R + D + i, one of the mainstays since its inception in 2005 and represents in large part, a reward for the work done in Visualtis within the development area connectivity projects through BLE, plus a myriad of projects related to information and communications technology to make it worthy to company this distinction.

No doubt the important role of SMEs in the development and economic growth of the country and hence since the adoption of the “European Charter for Small and Medium Enterprises” has been emphasizing the importance of developing a specific policy framework for these companies. Now, with the creation of the stamp of innovative SMEs and a record thereof by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, it seeks to put these companies in value, favoring their identification and help the subsequent formulation of specific policies for them .

Grateful to be part of this “distinguished” group, “from Visualtis continue to develop R & D + i that promote competitiveness and future development of enterprises, including our own,” they say.