We are pleased to announce that as part Visualtis portal technological innovations of the Chamber of Commerce Innocámaras Murcia.

The Council of Chambers, aware, firstly the relevance of innovation in strengthening the competitive position of the companies and, second, the potential of the network of Chambers of Commerce deployed throughout the Spanish territory to activate and streamline the business, Innocámaras program designed to encourage the adoption of a culture of innovation among SMEs.

Innocámaras helps freelancers and

SMEs to innovate through

methodology that combines

Free advice and support

direct innovation

(grants of up to 80%).

From now on, this site will have a search tool advisers approved, so that the beneficiaries can see which entities are approved and what services they offer, facilitating contact between company and customer.

This website provides guidelines and guidelines which must be followed to the Chambers of Commerce Innocámaras program execution, thus serving as a guide and reference manual for the various actors involved in the program.

Visualtis technological innovation.