The European Center for Business and Innovation in Murcia has facilitated the award of 18 certificates of Innovative Technology-Based Companies for startups, both hosted in its technological incubator and entrepreneurs advised from CEEIM. The most recent company to receive this distinction of international value has been Visualtis for its commitment to innovation, which was collected by the director of the Institute of Development, Joaquín Gómez. Visualtis is dedicated to incorporating the most innovative technology into projects or products in the industrial and service sectors so that they acquire a competitive advantage. Thus, it is specialized in the search and development of innovative solutions and applications in the Internet of Things (IoT), industry 4.0 and mixed positioning systems, internal and external, through the realization of R & D & I projects and the adaptation of specific products to other companies.

Its platform developed on asset management and localization in closed environments (Indoor Position System) comes from its own technology in the cloud for the management of BLE beacons (Bluetooth low energy), which allows sending messages about the status of products or services to users. , through mobile devices. From this line, his product COONECTIO emerged, several times awarded, being a finalist of the IBM Smart Camp 2015, where the latest knowledge was applied as UWB (Ultra Wide Band) to improve the accuracy in the location, in addition to its conversion into a system of Real-time location (RTLS).

The company certified with the EIBT seal is innovative because it has its own surveillance system that allows incorporating new technologies, both in projects and internal products as well as its clients. The innovative procedure has been possible because it devotes part of its resources to R + D + i projects, where its participation in two European projects related to the Internet of Things and on proximity services is framed.

Visualtis ( has counted on the development of its mission with different lines of support, being advised from CEEIM, obtained funding from the CDTI to develop its innovative project, agreed to grants from the Innoemplea program and participates in the European project RYME +, where CEEIM is a partner in representation of Spain, which is oriented towards the export launch of companies with innovative products or services, exponential growth and global projection.