Shared-training as a continuous improvement method.

During the past year and as part of our philosophy of continuous improvement, we have been conducting various shared-training sessions, in which our team members themselves share their knowledge, experiences and ideas.

We have opted for this training system because in addition to providing a more practical approach to knowledge than with other training methods, it makes it a two-way experience that fosters cooperation and internal communication among employees.

The idea is that by sharing a common purpose, participants from different departments, experience or seniority in the company benefit from each other and learn in a more complete way the necessary skills to perform their work. It also allows them to get to know the work of their colleagues up close, an aspect that undoubtedly favors understanding and teamwork.

During the sessions have been held in which knowledge has been imparted and shared (among others) on:

Routines and channels in GO

Best practices and code review

Application testing in React Native

Scrum as a service

Custom Hooks in React

Unit testing in application deployment

You can see the content of each topic in our Blog section.